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What Can A Shepherds Hut Be Used For?

The answer is - literally anything you want to use it for! Our range of huts have numerous uses, we can also work with you to tailor a hut to your own design.

The History Of Shepherd's Huts

Shepherd's Huts were of course traditionally used as huts for shepherd's, who'd have guessed? They were very simple inside and built to give farm workers shelter from the harsh British weather when they needed it, especially whilst they were tending to their flock during the lambing season. The sturdy metal wheels meant they could be moved from the farm to the fields where the sheep were grazing. Shepherd's Huts were used this way for several hundred years, since around the 16th century in Britain and France, in recent years have the humble shepherd's hut has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence and become a popular holiday retreat.

Small shepherds hut

21st Century Huts

Our range of modern hut designs are based on this traditional style and can be kept simple or made as luxurious as you want, we can even build a tiny home version on a road going trailer if you are dreaming of off grid living. The

majority of the huts we make are used as holiday accommodation and glamping huts, some are fitted with their own internal bathroom if their size allows, others have a separate self contained bathroom hut. But our huts have many

other uses, our simple Dartington hut is a blank canvas inside so you can put your own mark on it with as much or as little furniture as you want. The sky really is the limit with our bespoke shepherd's huts, and on that note how about an observatory hut, now there's an idea! What can Shepherd's Huts be used for...

Shepherds hut interior

Holiday accommodation

Art studios, yoga studios and classrooms. She sheds and man caves Garden get aways and annexes Woodsman huts Bars and games rooms Tiny homes Anything else you can think of...

If you have an idea of your own but are not sure if a shepherd's hut would be suitable, just give us a call or drop us an email for a chat about your project, We will be happy to run through all the options with you and work out how to bring your ideas to life. Call 07748 006936 or email

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