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Shepherds Hut Chassis

Build your own Shepherds hut! 


Shepherds Hut Chassis For Sale.

Built to order.

  • Steel chassis:    Very heavily built, with steering axle and a removable drawbar which can be used to move your hut around by use of a 4x4 or tractor. Both axles can be made removable which leaves the main structure frame, this allows you to be able to carry it on its side through tight areas with the help of a few people. We can assist with this upon delivery.


  • Cast iron wheels:    22" diameter, wide rim for more stability on uneven ground. These are cast in Cornwall and really look the part. These aren't cheap but we feel the investment is worth while for the added authenticity these give over some of the cheaper options available. We can also supply our huts without the wheels should you wish to use your own.


This is the perfect solution for keen self builders looking to build their own hut from the chassis up. To build on our chassis, simply construct a timber frame floor which sits on top of the chassis and is fixed to the timbers that run along the chassis rail. The chassis rail structure is 1600mm wide. We usually build a 2400mm wide hut on these. 


Due to our design, you are not restricted on your hut width as the hut floor overhangs from the chassis rails either side giving you flexibility on how wide you'd like your structure. We can also supply the cut timber for a floor frame at additional cost.


These are all built bespoke to order so if you have any specific requirements these can be catered for.


We also build these chassis without the steering axle and drawbar. This is a cheaper alternative for those who want to build their hut in its final location with no plans of moving it by towing. 

Pricing examples:

Non steering chassis 4.8m long: £2250 + VAT

Steering chassis with drawbar 4.8m long: £2625 + VAT


For removable axles to help with access: £80 + VAT

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