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Have you ever thought of building your own shepherd's hut?

We are often asked 'can I buy shepherd's hut parts so I can build my own hut from a kit?' well the answer is yes! It's very rewarding to see your own project come together, but some parts of a hut are a bit more tricky to make than others, that's where we can help. We have an array of shepherds hut parts available, from the chassis to the roof and even the hut 'skeleton' can be cut and delivered ready for you to put together yourself, speeding up your build and allowing you to spend more time on the fun bits of building your own shepherd's hut.

Externally you can finish your hut with a range of wood cladding options for the rustic look or go traditional with wriggly tin and inside your hut you could have a clean modern look or or go eco friendly with recycled wood throughout, the possibilities are endless, you can get a creative as you want with your build.

When it comes to deciding how to furnish your shepherd's hut there's a few things to consider, will you have stand alone furniture or built in? Well that all depends what you want to use your hut for, if you want to have flexibility then perhaps fixed furniture is not the best idea, this will give you the option to move things around if you need a change or decide to use your hut for a different purpose.

Have a look at our self build shepherd's hut kit options or contact Henry for a chat about your project on

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