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Off Grid Campsite Toilet Unit

Our off grid compositing loo units are a great option for getting comfortable facilities to anywhere they are needed. They are fully off grid and portable. These can also be fitted with a flushing toilet if you have access to drainage.



  • Composting or flushing loo

  • Galvanised corrugated cladding & roof

  • Painted in your choice of colour

  • Traditional styling

  • Door self closers to keep door shut to prevent it from blowing in the wind

  • Delivery available. Units are delivered fully assembled ready for use


Note: The lid of the composting loo unit lifts up. Inside there is room for a container to be fitted to collect solid waste. This can be filled with sawdust to stop odours and assist with the composting process. Liquid waste is separated by the separating toilet bowl. Liquids can then be taken away via a flexible pipe to be treated separately. Solid waste can be emptied into a larger composting bin. This process is proven and is in regular use across many campsites all over the world. 


£1650.00 + VAT on each unit

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